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Hello, my name's Jason, (as you can see) I'm a documentary wedding photographer with a huge passion for capturing those golden nugget moments we often overlook. A tear of joy, a loving glance, or a glowing smile; these are the moments that need to be captured, and these are the moments that make the special day a timeless one, that will always be remembered.

I'm a simple person with a calm, patient, and easy going character (so I've been told), which is perfect for my style of photography given that most of the time I have to wait, knowing that the moment will soon come, while at the same time trying not to disturb or interfere with the events going on.



  My specialty... To observe, and anticipate the moments before they happen.

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As a professional wedding photographer, I have attended and observed almost a hundred weddings to date. Each wedding is even more special and unique than the next. My job is to observe everything that is going on, and document every natural moment that I see.

The key word here is "Natural". There's no better or truer expression than a natural one.



  My Inspiration ... Family

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Being a father of five, I am a pro at snapping up the joyful and not so joyful expressions of life with my camera. With an overwhelming urge to capture and treasure the moments in my children's lives, this quality and skill have stayed with me in my work and developed into something more. 

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