May 05, 2015

Lucie and Daniel's wedding


Documentary wedding photography

of Lucie and Daniel at St David's Hotel Cardiff.

Luckily this wedding was inside all day and in the same place given the situation with the weather down Cardiff Bay that day. Not that I was worried myself, that's just one perk of being a documentary wedding photographer; all weather is good weather to me.

I was no stranger to the bridal suit at St David's Hotel Cardiff, as I've done two other weddings there before, which to me is more challenging as I never want to do the same shot twice when it comes to wedding details and wedding dress shots etc. That being said I was very happy with this dress shot, as I was hanging the dress on the glass balcony door hoping to get some interesting light coming through, and saw that the TV was on, so I just waited for a composition and image on the TV that would add interest to the shot, and somehow compliment the dress in some way.

After the bridal preps I headed down to the lobby and waited for the groom to arrive and get that "waiting for the bride" shot that I always try to get. It's so interesting for me to observe and document the groom at this time while standing to the side as not to disturb too much.

As usual, it was a successful, emotional and happy ceremony, followed by drinks and lots of hugs and kisses, making my job a whole lot more interesting and therefore easier.

One of my techniques is to find interesting and lively characters who never fail to shine in my eyes. And there is nothing more interesting to me than an elderly gentleman or lady who are not afraid to move on the dance floor. What was her secret I wonder? Could it be her never ending beaming smile? :)

Here are some of my personal favourite's from this wedding. Please get in touch if you are interested in having me as your documentary wedding photographer.

Photographers: 5dmk3 plus Canon 35mm F2, and 135L F2 lenses


LucieandDaniel 1 2

LucieandDaniel 1 4

LucieandDaniel 1 5

LucieandDaniel 1 6

LucieandDaniel 1 7

LucieandDaniel 1 8

LucieandDaniel 1 10

LucieandDaniel 1 11

LucieandDaniel 1 13

LucieandDaniel 1 14

LucieandDaniel 1 15

LucieandDaniel 1 16

LucieandDaniel 1 17

LucieandDaniel 1 18

LucieandDaniel 1 19

LucieandDaniel 1 20

LucieandDaniel 1 21

LucieandDaniel 2

LucieandDaniel 3

LucieandDaniel 1 23

LucieandDaniel 1 24

LucieandDaniel 1 25

LucieandDaniel 1 26

LucieandDaniel 1 27

LucieandDaniel 1 28

LucieandDaniel 1 29

LucieandDaniel 1 30

LucieandDaniel 1 31

LucieandDaniel 1 33

LucieandDaniel 1 34

LucieandDaniel 1 35

LucieandDaniel 1 36

LucieandDaniel 1 37

LucieandDaniel 1 38

LucieandDaniel 1 39

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