March 19, 2015

Lynne and Hywel's wedding

Documentary wedding photography

of Lynne and Hywel at Manor Park Country House.

When Lynne contacted me, I was pleasantly surprised, as she was one of the bridesmaids from a previous wedding I covered 3 years ago. That is one of the great things about wedding photography; at each wedding, there are sometimes hundreds of guests and family who can see the way you work during the day, and see the finishing results later on
facebook or photo albums etc. I would like to think people get in touch with me because of my style of photography and the way I work during the day, and it seems to be the case, as many clients say ..... "I really like your style of photography, how natural your photo's look, and how you move around so quietly" for example.

It was a very sunny spring day in Swansea with daffodils just starting to bloom at the Manor House, so I had to get at least one shot of them, as even small details like flowers can really connect memories back to the day. I hadn't covered the bridal preps for this wedding, so I didn't see Lynne until she arrived in the wedding car at the venue. I wasn't sure what time Lynne would arrive, so I thought best to wait outside about 30 min before the ceremony, that was after I had taken shots of the guests naturally strolling in, chatting and mingling, and details of the cake etc. When Lynne arrived, I was surprised how she hadn't changed one bit (for me anyway) since 3 years ago. When the car pulled up, the driver opened the door for Lynne and I was snapping away.....

Such a jolly and friendly crowd of people that made for a fun day with lots of photo ops. I was in my element. I really felt invisible (maybe I was) even with this shiny head of mine, standing aside and documenting all the important moments of the day, as each mini-story unfolded before my eyes..... this is the best job in the world :)

Here are some of my personal favourites from this wedding. Please get in touch if you are interested in having me as your documentary wedding photographer.

Photographers: 5dmk3 plus Canon 35mm F2, and 135L F2 lenses

LynneandHywel 1

LynneandHywel 1 2

LynneandHywel 1 4

LynneandHywel 1 5

LynneandHywel 1 6

LynneandHywel 1 7

LynneandHywel 1 8

LynneandHywel 1 9

LynneandHywel 1 10

LynneandHywel 1 11

LynneandHywel 1 12

LynneandHywel 1 13

LynneandHywel 1 14

LynneandHywel 1 15

LynneandHywel 1 16

LynneandHywel 1 18

LynneandHywel 1 19

LynneandHywel 1 20

LynneandHywel 1 21

LynneandHywel 1 22

LynneandHywel 1 23

LynneandHywel 1 24

LynneandHywel 1 25

LynneandHywel 1 26

LynneandHywel 1 27

LynneandHywel 1 28

LynneandHywel 1 29

LynneandHywel 1 30

LynneandHywel 1 31

LynneandHywel 1 32

LynneandHywel 1 33

LynneandHywel 1 34

LynneandHywel 1 35

LynneandHywel 1 36

LynneandHywel 1 37

LynneandHywel 1 38

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