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Jason Parsons, Professional Wedding Photographer Cardiff


Hello, I am a professional wedding photographer in Cardiff who's style is one that allows you to enjoy your special day in a carefree atmosphere, while not having to worry about where I am going to place you next, and what I want you to do.

. . . . . .  All I need you to do is concentrate on YOUR day and the people around you.

If required, time can be arranged during the day for more formal photo's to be taken, and of course, there are the all-important group shots that if required, will be happily and quickly taken care of.

. . . . . . The best images are those of a completely natural and unorchestrated quality.

I do not use flash photography for a number of reasons. I much prefer to rely on natural lighting, and environmental light, e.g. any light that is available wherever I am working at the time, therefore keeping the original atmosphere that you have experienced on the day. DSLR camera technology these days allow me to shoot in very low light conditions and still be able to capture very clearly the required image.

My job is to capture those images at the height of their emotion, and emotion comes in all forms, whether it be a loving smile or a tearful glance.

. . . . . . I will always be in the right place at the right time to make sure that special moment is documented and never forgotten.

My work plan is to document your day from the early morning preparations to, and including the first dance. You have your own schedule to think, and possibly worry about. All you need to know about me is that I will be there when it matters, and at the moments when you least expect until you see the pictures.

Many wedding photographer's these days insist on being in control of the bride and groom, and place them here, there and everywhere, and perhaps not realizing that even though this day may be the happiest day of their lives, it can still be stressful at times, and the last thing the bride and groom need is a bossy photographer telling them or their guests what to do throughout the day.

. . . . . . I would be very happy for you to allow me to naturally document, and tell the story of your special day.

Sincerely, Jason Parsons

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  • “Beautiful natural photos which captured every perfect moment of the day.
    He wasn't imposing on the wedding at all, and we were really impressed with the natural style of the photos” - Celeste and Mark –

  • Bride Walking Downstairs
  • “If you want to look at your photos and instantly be transported back to the day, feeling those same emotions you felt choose Jason” - Hana and Andrew-

  • Locations Covered

    Locations covered

    Wales has some of the most stunning locations to offer, from modern, classy hotels to ancient Medieval Castles. I have documented weddings all over Wales and most of the UK. I am also very happy to travel for World-wide destination weddings. Here are just some of the locations I have covered.

  • Portfolio

    Wedding Portfolio

    Here you will see and hopefully get to understand how exactly I work. My style is different to most, given that I completely allow you, the couple to enjoy your day without me interrupting events. The main reason for this is because I am all about natural moments and natural expressions. My mission is to simply tell the story of your wedding day through each image I take.

  • Testimonials

  • “He blends in so well that on the day i kept forgetting he was there, he was busy taking natural beautiful pictures of us and our guests.” - Becky and Brad-

  • Testimonials

Recent Work.

  • Holly and Mark Blog

    Holly and Mark

    - Bridgend Wedding Photography

    What a pleasure it was to document a wedding at such a lovely, traditional and historic venue such as Court Colman Manor. Even the rain couldn’t put a stop to this glorious day. Court Colman has such a splendid design throughout the building, that reflected well in these images.
    Full article here

  • Adam and Lucy Blog

    Adam and Lucy

    - Canada Lake and Lodge Wedding Photography

    When I think Canada Lodge, I think Trout fishing and Tree swings. Always a pleasure to return here, never a dull moment, and always some fun activity going on. Adam and Lucy’s ceremony took place at St Mary’s in St Fagon’s, a Twelfth Century church building, and then onto the Lodge.
    Full article here

  • Jodi and Adam Blog

    Jodi and Alex

    - Newport Wedding Photography at The Angel Hotel

    After Jodi and Alex’s ceremony in Newport, we all made our way to Abergavenny Castle for drinks and Canapé’s, and then a short walk down to the Wedding Reception at The Angel Hotel. Captured a wonderfully emotional moment here with Jodi dancing with her father.
    Full article here

  • Aileen and Adam Blog

    Ailee and Adam

    - Pencoed House Wedding Photography

    Yet another rainy day in Wales, at this 15th century converted building. But the rain never bothers me, instead I like to use it to my advantage, with reflections and people walking in the rain. There’s always a story in any type of situation. View this post to see a famous guest appear on the dance floor.
    Full article here

  • Miranda and Patrick Blog

    Miranda and Patrick

    - Wedding Photography at Pencoed House

    It was a privilege to document the wedding ceremony of Miranda and Patrick at St Augustine’s Parish Church, a twelfth century building, loads of character here. A relatively young couple, made for a very energetic performance on the dance floor, with some 80’s and 90’s tunes going on.
    Full article here

  • Stephanie and Adam Blog

    Stephanie and Adam

    - Caerphilly wedding photography, at Brynmeadows Golf Club

    Lots of emotional moments captured at Stephanie and Adam’s wedding, mainly from Adam the groom. Stephanie was fine until speaking to her grandmother on the phone during the bridal preps. Not my first time at Brynmeadows, but every wedding has a different story to tell.
    Full article here

  • Jessica and Matt Blog

    Jessica and Matt

    - The Parc Hotel wedding photography

    This article shows the importance of documenting the wedding preparations, as an emotional moment has been captured forever, as Jessica’s father sees his daughter for the first time in the wedding dress, and they embrace. Jessica and Matt were married at St Peter’s Church in Cardiff, and reception at The Parc Hotel.
    Full article here

  • Charlotte and Rhys Blog

    Charlotte and Rhys

    - Pontypridd Wedding Photography, at Llechwen Hall

    I documented my very first wedding years ago at Llechwen Hall, it seems so different now. One thing that really stands out here are the stunning Welsh hills and valleys you can see as you step out onto the patio area. Such a joyful spirit all round captured at this wedding.

    Full article here

  • Lisa and Neil Blog

    Lisa and Nell

    - South Wales Wedding Photography, at St Marys Hill

    Another full days wedding coverage here, from morning preps until and including the first dance. I was happy to capture Lisa’s beaming smile here, as they both tie the knot. A particularly important and emotional period during the speeches when Lisa’s grandfather recited a fitting welsh poem.

    Full article here

  • “Outstanding photographer, not in the slightest pushy as some other photographers came across. Hardly noticed he was there snapping away on our wedding day. Am very pleased two friends have already booked with Jason for weddings next year.“ - Michelle and Jason –

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