I’ve been shooting weddings in South Wales and the rest of the UK for many years now. Having been to some of the nicest venues the country has to offer I can honestly say that they do not disappoint. South Wales and the rest of the UK have some of the best wedding locations and although I cover all areas including Brecon, Carmarthenshire, and RCT, most of my work happens in:


Please select a location below to view just some of my favourite venues in
South Wales and the rest of the UK


Why choose Wales as your wedding location?
Wales is well known for its outstanding natural beauty. It has it all from green hills and open valleys to small islands and beautiful coastal scenery… Something for everyone! I’m hoping to share these few hidden treasures to show future couples that they don’t always need to go as far as Thailand, the Caribbean or any other well-known exotic place to find their perfect wedding location.

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Weddings by the sea
If you’re looking for a wedding by the sea you can find great venues in the heart of Cardiff Bay, and right the way up the coast to the sandy beaches of the Gower in Swansea. A good starting place is an old Norwegian sailor’s church in Cardiff Bay. Converted into a great wedding venue known as the Norwegian Church Arts Centre it’s a hotspot for weddings by the sea.

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Medieval Castles and a bit of Welsh history
Going further inland awaits the fairy-tale like forests and hills of the Brecon Beacons and many small picturesque villages along the way. Medieval castles and the St Fagans National History Museum offer a great opportunity to those looking to stay close to Welsh routes. Castle Coch (meaning red castle in Welsh), just on the outskirts of Cardiff would suit anyone’s dream of a castle wedding. Even if not for a wedding it’s well worth a visit! With its pointed spires and imaginative design, it’s as if it were plucked from some far away land.

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stfagans castleAnother popular choice is St Fagans National History Museum. Thriving with Welsh history all the way back to the middle ages St Fagans is a very popular choice for weddings. With its beautiful, well-kept flower gardens, woodland walks and historic buildings it offers a bespoke romantic experience for all couples. As with Castle Coch, it’s also a great day out with family being called one of the best open-air museums in the world!





CelticManorMAINAre you planning a large wedding?
If you’re expecting a lot of guests and need somewhere large enough to accommodate then there’s plenty of options for you. The Celtic Manor Resort would be my first suggestion. After crossing the seven bridge and continuing along the M4 towards Newport you’ll see the manor high up in the distance, you can’t miss it and it’s quite the site! It offers all facilities necessary for the perfect wedding package. It is also a hotel (and a golf resort) so if you have family coming from afar then it may well be just the option for you.



Weddings for close friends and family
For a smaller and more intimate wedding venue, you’ll find lots of nice places scattered throughout the South like Glen-Yr-Afon. House hotels like these cost a lot less weddings then the large resorts. What you lose in grandeur and size you gain close attention to detail and a very personal wedding service. Perfect for any occasion with close family and friends. They also offer options for accommodation but be sure to book rooms well in advance as they tend to go quick.




Here are a few nice places I’ve been lucky enough to come across in South Wales. As a wedding photographer I take every chance I get to snap those moments which would otherwise be left to memory. Why not have a look through the different locations I cover and perhaps you’ll find the perfect place for you.

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