loren james testimonial

Loren and James' Wedding at The New House Country Hotel, Cardiff

"Jason was our lovely wedding photographer in October. He was quiet & non-intrusive & took images by observing & not ordering about. He is a genuinely lovely person who was so kind to us & both understood what made us tick as a couple & also understood our love of colour. He edited our images to perfection and we could not even attempt to choose a favourite. At one point I thought something was wrong as he was quiet, only to be told he was happily enjoying a coffee :) well deserved too. He stayed for hours, longer than expected & didn't ask for anything, bother or bug. He simply helps us enjoy! Xxx"


kerrie patricks testimonial

Kerrie and Patricks Wedding at Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

"Jason is extremely talented and my husband and I were thrilled with the amazing wedding photos we received. Jason has a knack for capturing stunningly natural photos without even seeing him take them. The trouble we have now is deciding which one we want on canvas as they are all amazing! We would highly recommend Jason and his camera for beautiful memories of your special day. Thank you, Jason."


amy andy testimonial

Amy and Andrew's wedding at St Mary's Church and St Donat's Art Centre

"Jason was our wedding photographer this year and was absolutely fantastic. We really wanted someone to capture the story of our day and not have a massive list of staged photographs with our guests hanging around waiting for them all to be done! This is exactly what we got. We love looking through our CD of photos as every single one has captured a story or special moment from the day. Jason is so talented at getting different angles and reflections as well as capturing sacred moments shared with family and friends. No request is too big or small. We can't believe some of the photos that were taken as we don't even remember having a camera pointed at us.

We are currently choosing which photos to go into the album and we are taking what seems like forever to decide as there are just too many fantastic ones to choose from. It's a really tough job. Again we can't believe how quick the turn around is... we had preview shots the next day and 50 photos to look at whilst on honeymoon. On arriving back a week after the wedding the full 260 photos were on disk (in both viewing and printing mode) ready for us to see. Unbelievable - I have never heard of any other company having such a short turnaround but still with amazing quality.

Lastly - if the budget can stretch we would definitely recommend the pre-wedding/engagement shoot. We were so thrilled with the photos from this. We managed to get our parents Christmas presents from the photos and have our own canvas from this on the wall. Plus it is great to work with Jason and get to know him and used to the whole situation before the day of the wedding.

Don't give it a second thought... book. If we could do it all over again we would book Jason in a heartbeat. Thanks again Jason for your incredible work :)

victoria steven testimonial

Victoria and Stephen's wedding at Cardiff City Hall and The Manor House, Penarth

"I am proud and lucky enough to have had Jason as my wedding photographer but what makes me even more proud and lucky is that he is my brother. For years we had been telling Jason that he has an amazing talent and he should do something with it, he waiting so long to believe in himself but finally went professional and thank god that he did because he has turned a lot of people's dream weddings into reality. The reason he is so amazing at what he does is that he genuinely loves it, he eats, sleeps and breathes photography and that is how a photographer should be. We can not thank you enough for everything you did for us, thank you for making everything go so smoothly, thank you for keeping me calm, thank you for capturing moments I never even knew existed and thank you for being a huge part of our wedding day. One day you'll be famous, just don't get a big head when you are xxxxxx"


charlotte ian testimonial

Charlotte and Ian's wedding

"Jason photographed our wedding in March 2014. His photographs are just fantastic, they're all so natural and he really captured the spirit of the day. He managed to catch some really lovely emotional moments with no fuss at all. We are thrilled with our pictures, and our family and friends love them too. Thank you again, Jason! Charlotte and Ian x"


bethan mark testimonial

Bethan and Mark's wedding at Coed y Mwstwr Hotel, Cardiff

"Jason was our wedding photographer and he was amazing. got plenty of beautiful memories to keep forever now.x"





michelle jason testimonial
Michelle and Jason's wedding at Canada Lodge

"Outstanding photographer, not in the slightest pushy as some other photographers came across. Hardly noticed he was there snapping away on our wedding day. Am very pleased two friends have already booked with Jason for weddings next year"



becky brad testimonial

Becky and Brad's wedding at The Manor Hotel, Yeovil

"We had our wedding in Oct 2014 and we choose Jason after seeing a friend's beautiful wedding pictures. He was easy to contact and keeping me reassured beforehand and after our wedding. He blends in so well that on the day I kept forgetting he was there (he was busy taking natural beautiful pictures of us and our guests). He was also happy to take the few formal ones I asked for but I made it quick.
I would recommend and use again. Such a nice guy"


celeste mark testimonial

Celeste and Mark's wedding

"Jason was the photographer at me and my wife's wedding back in June. He conducted himself in an incredibly Professional manner and the resulting photos were nothing short of stunning. Beautiful natural photos which captured every perfect moment of the day. He wasn't imposing on the wedding at all and I was really impressed with the natural style of the photos. He was also prompt with the delivery of the photos following the wedding. If you like natural style photo with an artistic professional flare, I would definitely recommend him. Cheers, Jason!"

hana andrew testimonial

Hannah and Andrew's wedding at Coed y Mwstwr Hotel, Cardiff

"I cannot recommend Jason enough. If you want to look at your photos and instantly be transported back to the day, feeling those same emotions you felt choose Jason. Thank you so much for capturing our precious memories, Jason. Andrew and Hannah x"


zara kevin testimonial

Zara and Kevin's wedding at Canada Lodge

"Jason was our wedding photographer on the 4th of August. I can't recommend him enough he is very talented! He captured some beautiful natural photos. I always have my eyes closed and hate formal photos so his style of photography was brilliant! I didn't notice him at all on my day he just got on with it and was in the background. I'm currently trying to choose which photos to put in my album and struggling as they are all brilliant! Thankyou Jason you have given us some fantastic memories! xx"


laura darren testimonial

 Laura and Darren's wedding at Lemore Manor, Hereford

"Jason is a lovely laid back guy who takes the most beautiful photos in a completely unobtrusive manner. If you want the perfect photographic memory of your special occasion where the photos just happen and don't take over then Jason is the perfect man for the job. Plus on top of all that, his prices are beyond reasonable, book him now before the secret of his brilliance gets out and his cost goes through the roof and availability is non-existent! I promise you won't regret it, he is truly amazing!"


katrina daniel testimonial

Katrina and Damien's wedding at Moriah Chapel, Gilfach

"Wasn't sure what the photos would be like as Jason was so quiet in my niece's wedding and I've only ever been to weddings with the usual regimental type of photographers. Except for requested photos by the bride and groom you hardly knew Jason was there but OMG the photos we've seen so far are absolutely stunning, so natural and captures very memorable moments. Can't wait to see the whole album. Will definitely recommend."

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