As a documentary wedding photographer, I try to capture a story in each shot I take. The look of the groom as his bride walks down the aisle, or the ecstatic expressions as the bouquet are flung into the crowd. It’s no different when I visit a new place. I try to get a feel for where I am and what the history of the place was like to make it feel the way it does today. 

A bit of the Newport history

Newport is the third largest city in Wales today. In AD 75 A Roman fort was built in a small town called Caerleon. Constant growth around that town created the city of Newport but you can still visit Caerleon today. It’s located right next to the river Usk where it became a key Port in the transport of goods. The industrial revolution in the 19th century saw an incredible rise in population in Newport as the docks became the leading coal port in Wales and brought with it countless jobs. Many things happened since then but I’m not really planning to write an article on history, I just hope to give a bit of flavour to Newport and it passed. Now it’s a vibrant and very much growing place. Due to the university, it’s become quite the student city though not forgetting where it came from, which to me is a very good thing. If you’re thinking of getting married here then you won’t be short of options. I’ve had the opportunity to be a professional wedding photographer at a fair few venues in Newport and below you can see a few of my favourite places in the area. Enjoy!

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A selection of just some Locations I Cover in Newport.


Celtic Manor Resort, Newport

As mentioned in my locations page this is one of those more epic venues. A modern, yet classy Hotel and Golf spa, with the original Manor House, built in 1860, this splendid luxurious and grand design building is perfect if you are looking to unwind before or after the wedding day.

If you are not sure what you want, they offer a number of different packages including Platinum, Diamond, Emerald and Pearl, each providing a choice of special touches including chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, and entertainment services. They have an abundance of different venues within the resort, depending on your budget and taste, from Hunter cabin style Lodges nestled in the tranquillity of the Usk Valley to the classic and traditional 19th century Manor House situated on the Newport Resort.

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The Resort also offers a number of different Wedding Marquee’s to suit your style and preference.

If you are thinking of having children at your wedding, and let’s face it, they can be a hand full at times (I should know, I have five), the resort offer lots of fun activities on the day so you don’t have to worry too much that they might get bored. They also have professional Child care services and Nannies if you want to spend more time alone, and have a breather.

If it’s Asian Weddings you’re looking for, then Celtic Manor also pride themselves in offering world class large scale packages with 300 plus numbers. Visit site

The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, near Newport, and Abergavenny Castle

One of the best quirks of this location is that Abergavenny Castle, built in 1087 is just 2 minutes walking distance from the Hotel, and as part of the package, they will escort you and your guests to the Castle for canapés before the reception, that is if the weather is good, as it is Wales after all. It’s almost like being transformed back in time, you also get some stunning views of the mountains too. What I actually did after the ceremony was walked with the bride and groom to the Castle just as the sun was setting, and naturally document them just having some alone time together.

TheAngelhotel exterior  Wedding Photographer Newport  Angel Hotel 4
Angel Hotel 1  Angel Hotel 5  Angel Hotel 8

Well, what can I say about this wonderful venue, of which I had the pleasure of documenting a wedding at recently? The Angel Hotel is a Georgian building from the early 1800’s, with lots of rich history. Situated about 20 minutes’ drive from Newport, but well worth the short trip.

Based on my own experience there, I can honestly say it is first class throughout, from the glistening clean toilets to the shimmering chandeliers, this venue, although not the largest of hotels has class. Particularly in the main reception hall, with stylish mirrors and traditional to the building style décor, it really pulls out all the stops. The second you enter that room to see all your tables laid out in such quality fashion, it will bring a smile to your face.

The hotel staff is dedicated to catering to each couples personal tastes and needs, including the layout and table decorations. ‘Visit



The Old Barn Inn, Newport

There’s something majestic and humbling about having a wedding in an old barn isn’t there? If you’re after that rustic, natural charm look and feel, then this is the place for you. The original building dates back to the 1750’s and is situated just a few miles from The Celtic Manor Resort, set back in the hills and valleys of the Welsh countryside.

32936211  Old Barn Inn inside  newport countryside

Imagine an intimate gathering of friends around a crackling wood burning fire, telling stories of old and new, with natural rustic wood and stone walls all around. This venue really has a magical feel to it.

Their wedding coordinator has over 25 years of experience with weddings, so you can pretty much guarantee that all your personal tastes and requirements will be met when it comes to planning your special day.

Given that it’s a barn, you may be worried that it might not hold the number of people you require, but that might not be the case. They cater for between 90 and 150 guests, including 14 boutique style bedrooms just in case your guests decide to stay over. ‘Visit site


If you'd like to find out more about other wedding venues in great locations in South Wales and beyond then have a good look through the website. I'm updating and adding new articles all the time!

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