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I have traveled to Somerset on many occasions. Each time I am in awe of the beautiful countryside as I drive along to my destination. Even though it's only an hour or so away from my hometown Cardiff, it really is almost like another country, particularly the accent and the character of the people there. It really makes my job as a documentary wedding photographer a lot more interesting that's for sure.

Somerset, meaning "the people dependent upon Somerton" in Old English, has one of the oldest (including Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Dorset) existing local governments in the entire world, dating back to the 700's.

While mainly a rural area full of agriculture, hills, and the famous flatland's such as Glastonbury and Exeter flats, Somerset has lots more to offer, especially in terms of the style of wedding venue you may be looking for. As well as the country, there are some wonderfully enchanting, and timeless villages, which have been untouched for hundreds of years.

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A selection of just some Locations I Cover in Somerset.

The Manor Hotel, Yeovil
This timeless and enchanting 18th-century building still retains most of its original features, with some modern decor put into the mix, all in all, has a warm homely touch and feel to it.

I have documented three weddings here in past years, and each one has gone off without a hitch (so to speak), bearing in mind I am hardly ever more than twenty feet away from the bride and groom, I experience most of what they experience, especially when it comes to service and staff etc.

The Manor has a large conservatory which is mainly used for the ceremony. It’s built to quality, extended from the building as if it were originally part of the construction, keeping a similar style as to blend in which it does it well in my opinion. After the ceremony, there is always the mingling and chatting times which are usually spread out throughout the property, either inside the luxury bars and lounges, or in the very appropriate garden facilities, and then onto the reception which will be helpful in the conference hall.

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Northover Manor Hotel
A 15th-17th-century cottage-style farmhouse building, all the way up to 1922 when it became a privately owned residence and a village surgery. In 1998 the building was re-established as a hotel, still privately owned by a family from London.

The Hotel has been refurbished, with the natural flagstone floors, period colour, and original woods (treated of course) throughout the building while providing more than adequate facilities of which you would expect in any hotel these days.

What really attracted me while documenting weddings here, is the reception hall, which is a rustically old wooden framed building extension, with open modern glass walls, almost like a conservatory, but with extra class and style added, giving it the extra WOW factor. When you exit the rear of the glass building, you are greeted with an enormous and grand old oak tree as if protecting the place, and beyond the oak tree, you are welcomed by open fields and a lovely romantic willow tree.

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Maunsel House
Dubbed "The Most Charismatic Wedding Venue in Somerset", and I would probably have to agree with that statement.

Maunsel (derived from the French), meaning "Sleeve of Land" has had a number of VIP visitors, including Alfred The Great during 878 (no there is no missing digit there) when he fought the Danes. The house was named "Maunsel" in
1086 when the house was occupied by Count Eustance of Boulogne, apparently mentioned in the Domesday Book.

This ancient building has kept most of its original features, decor, and furniture, as well as some artifacts dating back to Roman periods. Maunsel House has situated just a short walk from St Michael's Church, one of the smallest churches in England, which is regularly used in connection with weddings at the House. If it's an outdoor ceremony you require, Maunsel has a bandstand for such an occasion, surrounded by Miniature Shetland ponies, peacocks and other wildlife roaming naturally among the 100-year-old trees and forests surrounding the property.

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If you like my style of nature photography and are interested in wedding locations around the UK then please have a good look through my site. I do my best to write up on those little gems. You can also visit my Blog to see examples of how I’ve documented many happy couples on their wedding day.

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